With summer in full swing and vacation on the horizon for many of us, now is the perfect time to explore new 3D ideas with your team.

We thus wanted to share a few articles chosen by our team to open up new thought avenues and tell you about the latest developments at AYE3D.

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3D trends: must-read articles

In the 3D world, “metaverse” and “digital twin” trends have been hot topics in many articles, webinars, and conferences since the spring … although many other topics are important to consider in work processes. Here are a few articles that got the AYE3D team talking recently. Perfect for your summer reading.

AYE3D articles of interest  

What AYE3D has been up to over the past months 

Since last March, AYE3D has experienced many significant milestones : recognition, partnerships, financing, and a production line ready for large-scale sales!

Here are six we are proud to share with you:

And last, we recently announced that we were now a Dassault Système Emerging Technology Partner, allowing us to deploy an end-to-end 3D visualization solution for professionals in the industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing sectors.

Using the FRE3DOM monitor with the 3DEXPERIENCE app will optimize work methods. As our ally, Guillaume Donval, an expert in industry processes and 3DEXPERIENCE simulations, recently explained in a LinkedIn post:

“With the glasses-free 3D monitor [FRE3DOM], 3D comes to the users and not the opposite. Our work with 3DEXPERIENCE shows us that certain professionals, particularly in the industrial design, engineering, and simulation fields, are increasingly looking for 3D visualization solutions that allow them to go from concept to design to marketing presentation. With its FRE3DOM monitor, AYE3D is a key partner to achieve all these steps.”

FRE3DOM: Optimizing your analysis time, and decision-making

Through our first sales and our visit to partners and potential clients, we witnessed several cases where using a glasses-free monitor was more effective than using other equipment:

  • In design: to reduce the amount of 3D printing done, allowing designers to finalize the design of products in various 3D applications.
  • In analysis: to better “see” the depth of objects in 3D, even more so for images made from point cloud data.
  • In diagnostics from internal and external product photos: to find why the product is not working properly without having to open it up or disassemble it.


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