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The glasses-free 3D FRE3DOM monitor simplifies your daily tasks and improves their execution, all while offering you optimal comfort. The FRE3DOM monitor works with several types of graphic cards, adjusting to our clients needs.  You will be able to observe the relief on maps with striking precision and realism, and analyse and modify it if needed.


Civil engineering


Improving working methods

The glasses-free AYE3D monitor concretely improves work methods in the geomatics industry. In the forestry field, managers must evaluate volumes of uncut wood (commonly called unused timber) of certain woodlands. The old manual method was time-consuming, costly, and sometimes dangerous for forestry employees.

To solve these issues, geomaticians began using drones to produce two types of images: orthophotos (also known as orthophotographs) and scatter plots. Orthophotos are aerial images that have been geometrically corrected to remove terrain effects and distortions from the camera lens and angle. Orthophotos allow us to measure the length or surface of any object on the ground; in our case, the length and diameter of cut tree trunks.

Once these lengths are measured, geomaticians use scatter plots to calculate the latest information: the tree’s standing height, the tree stump’s height, and the diameter of the fallen tree trunks.

FRE3DOM allows analysis of point clouds in 3D

AYE3D facilitates inventorying Quebec forests by showing accurate three-dimensional scatter plots that are much easier to read. In the words of a forestry expert, “FRE3DOM improves with precision and speed the comprehension of 3D information.”


Easily movable 3D monitor

FRE3DOM is a plug and play (PnP) peripheral. In other words, our 3D monitor works as soon as you plug in the cables (power supply and DisplayPort). FRE3DOM is well adapted for professionals who have chosen to work remotely. The monitor is movable and does not require any additional accessories.

A simple installation

The monitor’s installation and its first start-up take less than 10 minutes and there is no calibration or special software download required. FRE3DOM is an ergonomic product, offering both 3D and the traditional 2D display. The stereoscopy (3D) is instantly operational, and removing glasses to go from one screen to the other is no longer necessary. As such, you will only need one 3D FRE3DOM monitor for all your tasks. Furthermore, removing the 3D glasses provides substantial precision gains and reduces the number of mistakes by diminishing issues of adaptation and visual fatigue.

Impressive realism without glasses

The glasses-free 3D FRE3DOM monitor offers unparalleled realism. For the first time, everyone can enjoy 3D with the naked eye and without precision loss. A demonstration is worth a thousand words: try the FRE3DOM monitor and discover all its advantages. You will quickly realize that it is a vital work tool for your day-to-day.