Rediscover 3D

Glasses-Free 3D display


FRƐ3DOM™ - Glasses-Free 3D display

Something you have never seen before

FRE3DOM™ Glasses-Free 3D display is the most engaging 3D display you ever saw.

The naked eye virtual reality

Without any restrictive device, no glasses, no helmet. Get your FRƐ3DOM™ back.

Exceptional image quality

Providing a resolution of 2560 px X 1440 px for each eye, it recreates a quality which reveals a true sense of reality.

3D your eyes can see

It happens in front of you, without the need of any device but your eyes.

Unmatched depth

The incomparable realism of the image is in part due to the very high resolution but also to the unmatched depth of view provided by our technology.

Broad compatibility

Compatible with most of the 3D or VR softwares and 3D formats.

The perfect tool for 3D artists

The image quality, the realism and the ease of use makes FRƐ3DOM™ the 3D reference tool for professionals.

“For the first time I see quality passive 3D... the effect is impressive to the point that I tried to put my hand on the object as if it was real.”
Sébastien Gaillard
Training Supervisor, National Audiovisual Institute, France

Targeted use cases

FRƐ3DOM™ Glasses-Free 3D display has been built for professionals. It is used for entertainment, video games, industrial design, engineering, medical and data analysis. The visual accuracy as well as the fact that the image exists in reality without glasses, makes it a perfect tool for any 3D creator. For marketing and digital signage: It makes a mind bugling display to engage with your customers. The reality effect is just amazing.

Want to see it with your eyes?