Summer Reading: Popular Social Media Articles on 3D

Our team is always reading up on 3D news and sharing articles to stay informed on the latest thinking and breakthroughs in the world of 3D. Here are a few we wanted to share with you for your reading enjoyment.

  1. 5G and the Metaverse: How Telecom Operators Can Play : In just six pages, Adrian Mah, Leader Nation, Industrie 4.0 at PwC Canada explains the relationship between 5G and the metaverse and shares his perspective not just for telecom operators but also for retailers, the event industry, and organizations using video collaboration and training.


  1. : In this article from GIM International, which covers global geomatics industry topics, scientist Florent Poux proposes a guide to the main 3D data representation methods and how to choose the best method for a specific application.


  1. Revisit Your Marketing Strategy: B2B Buyer Behavior Is Changing : Unity, the creator of a platform that allows us to create and use 2D and 3D applications, explains how 3D technology is changing how buyers make decision and the sales and support tools in today’s new hybrid world. Through a carefully thought-out use of 3D technology, businesses can optimize the client journey.


Tell us what you think and share suggestions for future reading.