AYE3D reveals FRE3DOM, its 3D display without glasses at Startupfest

Several participants who are present at the Startupfest

At Startupfest, AYE3D revealed for the first time their 3D monitor without glasses. They had the opportunity to introduce this product to all the participants who were present!


What is Startupfest?

Startupfest is an annual gathering where a multitude of entrepreneurs, investors, creators, large companies, veterans of the industry and start-up communities participate in the event as presenters or participants to pave the way for technological entrepreneurship, all in a festive atmosphere. This festival, which takes place in Montreal, is Canada’s original startup event and is considered one of the start-up conferences not to be missed in the world!


AYE3D at Startupfest

AYE3D participated to this event in July 2019 and was able to present its FRE3DOM, their 3D monitor without glasses.



Here’s an interview that has been realised during Startupfest with TVA Nouvelles: