AYE3D, a pioneer in 3D visualization, receives support from Investissement Québec

AYE3D, a pioneer in 3D visualization, receives support from Investissement Québec

Québec announces $750,000 investment in AYE3D under the Impulsion PME program

June 2, Longueuil – The financing will allow AYE3D to commercialize its innovative product, a glasses-free 3D monitor.


In brief

  • AYE3D, a pioneer in glasses-free 3D visualization, has completed its first round of financing with the support of Investissement Québec, an agent of the Québec government, for the amount of $750,000 under the Impulsion PME program.
  • The financing will enable the commercialization phase of its flagship product, an unparalleled, glasses-free 3D monitor: FRE3DOM
  • Having already gained the support of angel investors for its innovative product, AYE3D will revolutionize the work of professionals in several sectors that rely on 3D as a tool for analysis and decision-making, and will target world-class organizations already using 3D data.
  • Impulsion PME helps young innovative companies with high growth potential to access investment capital at the seed stage.


Recognizing trailblazing innovation

Under the Impulsion PME program, which supports innovative young companies with strong growth potential, Investissement Québec has granted $750,000 in financing to AYE3D, a Québec company dedicated to the glasses-free 3D experience.

Already backed by Québec angel investors and having completed its first round of financing, AYE3D is now well-positioned for the commercialization of its flagship product, the glasses-free 3D monitor FRE3DOM. This ground-breaking innovation targets professionals in several professional sectors that use 3D visualization to design, analyze and make decisions, such as engineers, architects, industrial designers and surgeons from all over the world. A patented innovation, the monitor is designed to provide productivity gains and increase the quality of decisions made from 3D data.



“The fact that the Québec government and Investissement Québec have chosen us to support the commercialization of our FRE3DOM monitor among world-class players is not only exciting, but also a great source of pride for us to be truly recognized for our potential and the quality of our product!”
Mario Genest, founder and CEO of AYE3D


“By investing in AYE3D, Investissement Québec is clearly demonstrating how it can contribute to the growth of young innovative companies with seed capital. With this funding, AYE3D will be able to commercialize an innovative technology used in key sectors of the Québec economy, such as life sciences and construction. By further commercializing our innovations, we are leveraging our knowledge to create wealth for all Québecers.”
Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of the Economy and Innovation and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development


“By backing promising young companies like AYE3D, we are truly playing our role to support the emergence of new expertise in key sectors in order to build a strong, competitive and sustainable Québec economy. Through Impulsion PME, our team is excited to help this Montréal-based 3D pioneer accelerate the development of its product in a rapidly growing global market.”
Guy LeBlanc, CEO, Investissement Québec


About AYE3D

Founded in 2019 in Montreal, AYE3D is a pioneer in glasses-free 3D visualization. Its FRE3DOM 3D monitor delivers an experience with unparalleled three-dimensional realism and clarity, enabling greater user engagement and better decisions supported by high-quality 3D image analysis. AYE3D is incubated by Quantino, is a partner of Dassault Systèmes and winner of several awards and recognitions, including being selected as one of Startup Montréal’s 20 Revelations 2022.


About Impulsion PME

With an envelope of $50 million, the Impulsion PME program, which is managed by Investissement Québec as an agent of the Québec government, aims to help young innovative companies with strong growth potential gain access to investment capital at the seed stage.