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In 1994, Jean-Étienne Gaudreau, an electrical and electronics engineering graduate from the University of Sherbrooke, recreated a 3D image by juxtaposing two LCD screens and filed a patent for his discovery the same year. Even though his technology was one of the best on the market, it required wearing polarized glasses. While wanting to maintain high standards of 3D image quality, Jean-Étienne worked several years to create a glasses-free 3D screen technology.

In June 2019, AYE3D was created and the FRE3DOM monitor was developed to meet the needs of professional working with 3D data. FRE3DOM offers several valuable benefits: unparalleled realism and three-dimensional precision all without the need for glasses, allowing greater user engagement and better decision-making based on the analysis of 3D images.

The company is a proud leader of 3D technology in Montréal and has won several prizes and received recognition for its innovation, including being featured in Startup Montréal’s cohort of 20 Revelations for 2022.

AYE3D is a team of agile, inclusive, transparent, and committed trailblazers who strive to offer a realistic, natural, and uncompromising 3D experience to its clients through to its state-of-the-art technologies.

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optimal and
confortable way

Our mission is to create a realistic and immersive 3D experience regardless of the environmental constraints.  Our monitor adjusts to the position of your eyes, which allows you to see 3D images and videos without using glasses.

Thanks to our know-how, the 3D visualization becomes pleasant and fun.

Resolution is what distinguishes FRE3DOM from tools available on the market; the content displayed is remarkably realistic, incomparable in the world.

The monitor is designed to be user-friendly: compatible with all 3D software existing on the market, just plug it in to see in 3D!