Rediscover 3D with FRE3DOM™, the glasses-free monitor.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, three-dimensional realism and unmatched comfort, FRE3DOM™ has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the engineering industry
  • Quad HD for each eye.
  • Extended 3D visualization with adapted perspective.
  • A viewing angle of 60 degrees horizontally.
  • Compatible with all 3D visualization applications and data sets.
  • No need to wear 3D glasses.

Find the FRE3DOM you were dreaming of at work. 

How does FRE3DOM facilitate the work of engineers?

Stunning precision – the highest resolution on the market
FRE3DOM‘s Quad HD (2560 x 1440 per eye) resolution – four times the standard HD resolution – makes it the trailblazing solution to accomplish many tasks with more ease, such as designing and analyzing prototypes. This ultra-high definition, and the removal of the glasses, allow a significant gain in precision in the engineer’s work, moreover by reducing the problems of adaptation and visual fatigue.

Unparalleled image fidelity– reducing risk of error in image analysis
FRE3DOM, the glasses-free 3D monitor offers unparalleled realism. The image’s three dimensions are visible to the naked eye, without loss of precision. Not only does it offer optimal comfort to work with 3D data, it also offers incredible fidelity of textures, colors and volumes, resulting in better analyse precision and reduced interpretation errors.

Ease of use and optimal comfort, without having to use glasses!
Not only does the installation and first start-up of our monitor take less than 10 minutes – without the need to calibrate or download dedicated software(s) – you will not need 3D glasses to work! 3D visualization is instantly operational, for your greatest comfort. No need to remove 3D glasses to switch from one task to another: FRE3DOM offers 3D display in addition to 2D on the same monitor.

What users say:

“We realized, after using FRE3DOM , how much we can’t see anything on our other equipment even if we thought we could see well in 3D!”..

“FRE3DOM enhances the understanding of 3D data; it’s makes for more precise and speedy work.”

“It’s amazing the extent to which a product of such high quality is truly plug-and-play!” 

FRE3DOM is the most efficient 3D visualization solution to support the work of engineers!

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