AYE3D, un des 5 meilleures technologies d’écrans “Light-Field”

AYE3D – Glass-Free 3D

Advancements in optical fabrication and computational models of human perception are enabling new display technologies. Startups working on light-field technology are developing displays that project 3D images that are viewable without the need for special glasses. These solutions provide a more robust 3D experience and also ensure a minimal or zero loss of brightness.

Canadian startup AYE3D offers a glass-free 3D display, FRƐ3DOM. The startup’s product provides 3D depth from 40 cm in front of the screen to infinity behind. FRƐ3DOM also features quad-high-definition (QHD) resolution, a glossy screen, and a pixel density of 120 dots per inch (dpi). The solution finds applications in industrial design, engineering, medical analysis, and entertainment.



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