3D reboot with AYE3D at Startupfest Montreal 2019

AYE3D, a Montreal based company, will present its new product, FRE3DOM, a revolutionary Glasses-Free 3D display.

FRE3DOM is a new line of 3D products that will enhance the 3D user experience for 3D animation, engineering, VR, digital signage and medical imagery to name a few markets. “We believe that liberating the viewer from the device, separating him from reality, we are augmenting productivity and increasing 3D content value.” says Mario Genest AYE3D’s CEO.

It is AYE3D’s first appearance in a public setting. Investors and analysts will have a glance at this breakthrough 3D technology.

AYE3D will be at Startupfest from July 10 to July 12, to demo the product. Come and have the chance to be among the firsts to witness this amazing product.

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