See natural 3D with your eyes

FRƐ3DOM technology recreates the reality in front of you. It literally gets out of the screen, like a real object you could touch. Years of R&D have been invested in this incomparable display. You can watch 3D content, without any device nor glasses, with a resolution you have never seen before.

Image Quality

With a resolution of 2550 px X 1440 px on each eye, FRƐ3DOM offers the highest resolution 3D image on the market. This is what makes 3D objects look real.


FRƐ3DOM is compatible with most of the existing stereoscopic output formats, but it is feasible to adapt to your specific needs. Also, a library of plugins garantees you full compatibility with hundreds of 3D softwares.

Perspective View and Parallax Span

For 3D computer generated content, FRƐ3DOM provides an infinite perspective view. Also the parallax span enables you to see the object out of the screen so you can move around the object on a 70 degree span.

User experience

This perspective view coupled with the QHD makes the image look like a real object. Something you want to grab with your hands.


Solid State Design

FRƐ3DOM is built for industrial and professional uses. Its metallic structure can resist to any kind of physical integration.

FRƐ3DOM, a 3D display made for 3D artists.